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Friday, March 28, 2014

God Is Merciful | #SheSharesTruth | Jonah 3 & 4

{Read more about #SheSharesTruth and what other ladies have written about Jonah here and here}

"God Is Merciful"

How many times do we fail? In a month, a week or even just a day? I know my failures and shortcomings seem never ending sometimes. When will I get it right? Will God lose patience with me? I'm not always patient, I have a temper (especially when I'm hungry), and the list could just go on and on. It could seem pretty hopeless.

But here's the good news - no the super, great, fantastic news - God is merciful.

Take the city of Ninevah. It was a wicked, wicked place. The kind of place that many of us would just say needs to be wiped off the map. They don't deserve His mercy and probably wouldn't accept it anyway, so let's just be done with them. Jonah certainly seemed to feel this way.

God just doesn't see it this way. He gives them a chance to change and sends someone to warn them of His impending judgement, to open their eyes to their sin. And you know what? They repent.

They turn from their evil ways and make every effort to make sure that God knows they've changed. And He shows them mercy. He changes His mind and doesn't destroy them. That's nice, right? But maybe you're thinking God may have been feeling particularly merciful that day; I'm such a mess that He's going to give up on me. 

Here's the cool part - this wasn't a one time thing. We see His mercy again and again and again in the book of Jonah alone. Read more of the Bible and you'll see His mercy written all over it's pages. He's so merciful, in fact, that he gave His Son for us! To save us!

We're going to mess up. It's just going to happen. But God knows that, and He'll be there to pick us up and help us put the pieces together and try again...and maybe again and again and again.

I'm so thankful for His mercy. Failure is tough and disappointing, and there may be some consequences, but there's great comfort in knowing He'll always be there for me. His mercy NEVER fails!

Don't give up on yourself. God isn't going to give up on you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Simple Countdown to Baby

We're getting closer and closer to Baby's arrival! Little Man can't quite grasp the concept of time and when Baby is coming, so I thought a countdown was in order. This gives Little Man (and me!) a visual of the days until the due date. It's also a great way for him to participate in something involving Baby. 

Each circle has details about that particular day. Little Man takes down the circle from the previous day as we countdown to the due date (they're attached with a glue that removes easily). Before we know it, there won't be any circles left. We're so excited for this baby to arrive!


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Magnetic Chore Chart

Here's something fun we've been trying lately: a chore chart for Little Man. It gets him excited about helping out or even just brushing his teeth, and THAT, my friends, is quite an achievement. 

Little Man earns a sticker for each chore completed and then gets tickets for the stickers. The tickets can then be used to "buy" prizes at the prize store once a week. Some of our prizes include little animals, coloring books, puzzles, and extra screen time. 

I used a small cookie sheet from the dollar store, printed these chores from Homeschool Creations (I didn't use them all), and glued them to magnets. Simple and quick but very effective!


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Friday, March 14, 2014

#SheSharesTruth | Psalm 38 | He WILL Come!

{Read more about #SheSharesTruth and Psalm 38 here}

"He WILL Come"

How many times do we find ourselves in a place of despair? Sickness, financial difficulties, relationships with others, attacks from the enemy, and situations created by our own sin can lead us to a place that makes us feel that all is lost, that the burden is just too much to bear. We may find ourselves wanting to give up - just lay down and quit. 

This exactly the time to run like crazy to our Father and beg for His help, His intervention, His strength, His mercy.

Maybe our despair is caused by something we did. A sin we committed. Guilt is a heavy burden. The shame can even affect us physically, maybe even make us sick. Maybe all we want to do is duck our heads in shame and hide.

That is NOT what we should do!

Do not despair. Plead to God for help. Ask for His forgiveness and confess our sins. Turn to God. Seek after Him.

Wait for God.
He WILL answer!

"But for you, O Lord, do I wait; 
it is you, O Lord my God who will answer."
Psalm 38:15 ESV

Life may be a mess. Everything may feel like it's falling apart. You may feel abandoned or like others have turned on you, but don't despair. Whatever the circumstances, whatever might be causing the despair, cling to God.

He will not abandon you.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toilet Paper Roll Cars

I love a good project using items from around the house! These cars are fun to play with but were even more fun to make. 
We painted them, punched out circles to attach as wheels with little brads, and added number stickers and a steering wheel to each. So much fun!

Little Man liked them so much that he had to be in some of the pictures. 

I found the idea on Pinterest, of course, and you can view the original project here (it's in Hungarian, but the pictures are great and easy to follow). 

Start saving those toilet paper rolls and you can make some too!


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