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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kids' Art Wall

Where do you put your kids' art? The refrigerator is a great place, right? In our house, though, the front of the refrigerator is not magnetic, so we needed another solution. Tape on the refrigerator would work, but I decided it'd been fun to use their art as decoration.

We use little clothes pins to attach their art to braided embossing thread which is attached to the wall with push pins. Simple.

I wanted a neat "Art" sign and was pinching pennies at the time, so I made these from items I had laying around the house. I printed each letter on paper for a template and then cut them out of a piece of cardboard.

The "A" is just embossing thread wrapped around and around and around...until I couldn't see cardboard anymore. There were a lot of layers, and I used tape as I needed it to hold them in place on the back. 

The "R" is wrapped in fabric which I attached and "sealed" with Mod Podge. 

I glued buttons onto the "T" and then painted them all the same color.

I attached push pins to the back of all the letters with super glue to attach them to the wall.

That's it!


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