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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Laundry Sorter and Vanity Area

When you live in a smaller home like we do, every little bit of storage space is needed. Our master bedroom closet is shaped like an "L", but the lower part of the L didn't have any closet organizers in it when we moved into the house. Wasted space! 

Since we don't have much space for laundry and only one bathroom upstairs with the bedrooms, a laundry sorting and vanity combination area was a perfect use for the space.

For the laundry sorter, I used pieces from the ALGOT wall storage system from Ikea:
(it's just sitting on top of the brackets, so I can slide it backward and forward)

The BLASKA Laundry baskets fit perfectly.

We added the mirror above the laundry sorter, so I can do my hair and makeup even when the bathroom is in use. 

I needed a little extra organization for my makeup and hair supplies, and these ALGOT baskets work nicely.

No space is going  to be wasted in this project, so I used the small wall space above the right side of the laundry sorter for necklace and nail polish storage.

I used this Ikea spice rack for the nail polish shelf and this towel rail with these shower curtain rings for the necklace storage.

What once was wasted space is now a much used and valuable little area!


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