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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Thanksgiving Thankful Tree

Every year our family likes to reflect on what we are thankful for. I think it's a good way to get the boys to think about all we have and how much we are blessed. We usually do a Thanksgiving Paper Chain, but this year, I wanted to do something different...something bigger.

I decided I wanted a big tree to add leaves onto, and then I went in search of inspiration and ideas. I found this tree, decided I could make something similar, and set to work.

I used 30 inch wide craft paper and drew a tree with pencil using the tree mentioned above as an example. I painted over the pencil drawing and then filled in the bark with the paintbrush. It took me a few hours, but it really wasn't too difficult!

I hung the tree using push pins.

I like how it looks in this corner of the living room next to the desk.

Then we wrote a bunch of things we are thankful for on leaves I cut from card stock. You can find the template for the leaves here

The boys came up with some unique things to write down!

I think "aliens" was my favorite, but to be fair, I think he meant "Minions". I just couldn't resist writing "aliens" for him anyway. 

I put all the leaves on to the tree with masking tape. I'm hoping it won't tear the paper, so we can use the tree again next year.

We'll continue adding to the tree as we get closer and closer to Thanksgiving, and I'm hoping to have any guests we have over add to the tree as well.

I think we'll have a full tree by Thanksgiving Day. We have so many blessings!


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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Meet Winston

Meet Winston.
He's an Australian Labradoodle who joined our family a little over 2 weeks ago. 
We just love him! He can be sweet and ornery...just like our boys!

Speaking of our boys...they're both just thrilled to have a little "brother". 

Early on, he became my little shadow, and he took to laying or sitting on my feet whenever I stood still...even if only for a moment. 

But I don't mind him being my shadow. Who could resist this face?

At first he wasn't too sure about his new home (he did not like these stairs), but now he's taking it all in stride and is right at home with us. 

He's nice and comfy on his bed from Nana.

He loves running in the backyard!

And chewing whatever will fit in his mouth...even these railroad ties (not the best idea though!) or our bed (yikes!).

He's a good selfie partner...

...if he can keep from licking your face!

He has lots of energy...

...but he's quickly ready for a good nap.

Or two.

Or three.

And because he's soooo cute, I created an Instagram account just for pictures of Mr. Winston and his adventures as we raise him. You can follow it here: 

Welcome to the family, Winston! We're so glad you're ours!


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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Picture Frame Bulletin Boards

Big Brother has needed somewhere to put little keepsakes for sometime now. They've been piling up in his dresser drawer. When I bought too much cork for another project, I realized I could use the extra cork to make him some bulletin boards. 

I started out by looking for some extra frames around the house. These frames have been around since early in our marriage and have been used for several different projects over the years. Pictures of Big Brother I painted, Nursery art, and Toddler Bedroom art were the most recent uses for them.

I repainted the frames black since orange doesn't really go with Big Brother's room.

Then I cut out the cork to the appropriate sizes.

Here are the frames with the cork all in place and up on the wall.

Big Brother doesn't have a lot of wall space left, so I like how they fit under his bed perfectly.

I think he'll enjoy having a place to put his keepsakes, and I'm glad they're not stuffed inside a drawer anymore!


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