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Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Secret Garden

When we first looked at our home, we could easily tell that the former owner was crazy about roses. They were all over the backyard and there was even a fenced in area that looked to be mostly roses. I love flower and roses, so I loved the idea of all the roses. When Spring started to arrive, we soon discovered that the former owner wasn't just into roses. Since March we've had one surprise after another. All kinds of flowers have "shown up" and I LOVE it!

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Daffodils were the first on the scene. I've always loved daffodils!

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Then along came these pretty purple flowers (I've since learned they're grape hyacinth). The boys loved to pick them and bring me handfuls.

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I was over the moon when I discovered lilac bushes one day. I didn't realize what they were until they started blooming.

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These tulips added some bright color to the yard.

Then there were roses, peonies, and more!

It's been fun discovering our own secret garden!


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