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Thursday, July 6, 2017

3 Year Old Thomas the Train Birthday Party

Like a lot of little boys, Little Brother loves just about anything that "goes", so naturally he loves trains and Thomas the Tank Engine. Since I knew we were going to "A Day Out With Thomas", I thought a Thomas the Train birthday party would be the perfect choice for him...and it was!

The first thing our guests saw was Thomas on the Track on our front sidewalk.

I found the idea for the "3 YR OLD CROSSING" sign and duct tape tracks both on Pinterest. The tracks take a lot more duct tape than you might think (that's why we have 2 different colors), so it might be a good idea to measure before you buy your tape!

I thought about making a big Thomas or cardboard train like this one, but then I found the Thomas tent on Amazon. MUCH easier!

Then there was the "Birthday Crossing" sign on the front door.

This idea came from this pin, but I decided to change it to "Birthday Crossing".

We had a little table set up by the front door for arrivals...

...and departures (party favors).

I got the "Arrivals" and "Departures" idea from this party.

I found the engineer hats, bandanas, and treat bags all on Amazon.

Inside the bags were Thomas the Train stickersparty favors, and dollar store bubbles.

Then there was the cake and snacks table.

I'm bummed that I didn't get a better picture of the cake and snacks table!

Up at the top you can just barely see the flag bunting I made. I also made the clouds that were hanging in front of the Thomas backdrop.

On the table and pulled by Thomas, we had snacks in "cars" that were disposable foil pans. The train was sitting on a "track" table runner that I found on Amazon. We had produce cars (fruits and veggies), a lumber car (pretzel sticks), a coal car (olives), and a cotton car (kettle corn).

Attached to the front of the table is a bunting sign I made that reads "All Aboard".

Here's the inspiration for the cake and snacks table.

A closer view of the cake.

This cake was the inspiration for our Thomas the Train cake. I love this White Almond Sour Cream Cake for all our birthday cakes and found this recipe for the Crusting Cream Cheese frosting that was absolutely fantastic. The Thomas toy is from Amazon.

I love a good photo booth!

The backdrop is just plastic table covers from the dollar store that I layered, attached to the wall, and then cut in to strips almost to the top. Then I added the bunting and signs that I had made.

Throw in a few photo props...

...and we had fun taking pictures!

I also made these train race boxes, but we totally forgot to play with them during the party!
The boys did play with them the day before the party, though, and had a blast.

They were inspired from these boxes.

I had so much fun putting it all together, and Little Brother enjoyed it so much he was already asking about his next birthday party a couple day later!

For more ideas, visit my Train Birthday Party Pinterest board.

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